• 1. How does it work?

    The mobbo is an electric self-balancing unicycle. It has gyro sensors and a balancing computerized system like a Segway. To turn the mobbo on you press the red button, and after you press it you will see how the mobbo suddenly becomes more stabilized. This system will help you learn how to get balanced more easily.

  • 2. Is it easy to ride?

    It takes between 15-40 min to learn the basic skills, so we recommend that on your first go you enlist the help of one of your friends. Let him\her be with you when you get up and hold him\her during your initial learning rides.

  • 3. Any tips before I get on?

    Don’t rush into trying to walk with the mobbo and get on by yourself - leave that for the second day. On your first day just take one of your friends and hold them while you getting up. After you’re standing on the mobbo whilst holding your friend, straighten your body and your shoulders, then lean forward with all of your body (not just with your head). Don’t lean too much, and remember to always start riding gradually. In addition, the mobbo has an acceleration limit for your safety.

  • 4. Could I ride it to work?

    Sure you can! After you master the mobbo you could easily carry it with you, and as it’s so portable you can always get it into buses\trains\subways\metros\cars so you could drive it straight to your destination if it’s not too far or use public transportation and shorten your walks in between. In any case you could always take the charger with you in your bag if you would like to go on longer rides after the office.

  • 5. Is it safe?

    Similar to other light vehicles like bicycles, it depends on the driver and what safety precautions they take. After you learn the basics of riding, it becomes just like every light vehicle - drive it carefully and read the mobbo’s instructional guide for all the detailed instructions.

  • 6. Pedal shifting while cruising?

    After you master the basics on the mobbo and you’re on your way to long rides, you should know that the skill for having a comfortable and safe ride is always controlling your speed within the mobbo speed limits. While cruising you should always control your speed by keeping your leaning weight balanced and standing straight. After a few rides you will find it easy and feel how it improves your body’s balance and standing skills.

  • 7. How do I charge it?

    The mobbo comes with an AC charger. It will take around 3 hours to charge it to full and the LED light on the charger will turn green when it’s done.

  • 8. How do I reset the system?

    If the mobbo fall and you need to reset the system, just press the red button to shut off the system, and press it again to turn it back on again.

  • 9. Should I turn the mobbo off while carrying it?

    Yes you should. After you get to your destination, fold the pedals and press the red button before carrying the mobbo. That will stop the balancing system from trying to analyzing your movements.